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Stratum Infotech (formerly  VU Creations Ltd) was founded in 2010. We are passionate about building websites that help businesses thrive online. Whether you have a small business or are looking to expand into new markets, we have the tools and expertise to help you take your business to the next level.

We believe in offering a mix of professional web design solutions and leading technology tools to help businesses build and enhance their web presence. We work hard to offer high-end web designs and software solutions that meet requirements of various business clients.

We’ll work closely with you over the course of your web development project as we guide you through our process of building your website: from designing the look and feel of your new site, to choosing the right CMS (content management system), designing content for each page on your site, creating custom graphics for branding purposes, selecting plugins for functionality purposes… the list goes on!

Our team has years of experience working with small businesses across all industries—from retail stores to healthcare organizations—and we know how important it is to offer high-quality customer service paired with professional expertise at every step along the way.

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